…and how YOU can help to Syrian people?

Damascus, the capital city of Syria, is distanced about 2569 km from Prague and it is about 1057 km from Istanbul. Thanks to my Syrian flatmate, I have a direct connection to the Syrian war just 2 meters far from my door. His family is still in danger in Syria while he is relatively safe in Istanbul. The Syrian crisis started in March 2011 when peaceful protesters demanding democracy and reforms were met by a fierce government crackdown, which spiraled into an armed opposition movement and a civil war. According to the United Nations, the war has killed more than 60 000 people in nearly two years.

Scenes from the war zone in Syria

Twin blasts at Syria’s Aleppo University

Source: Reuters

From my current position I can not do too much but at least I can do something – to inform people and try to spotlight this topic! That is why I have decided to write a short article (Tohle zkouškové nepřežiješ!) together with my friend Gabriela and inform the Czech students via online portal of student union from my university.

What about you? How you can help to Syrian people?
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